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Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why we are chosen as a preferred supplier of our domestic assistance services to our clients and other agencies.

Trust, Experience & Reputation

Gleam Team is trusted by thousands of clients across Adelaide and the surrounding regions to provide quality entry-level domestic support services.

This trust has been earnt through the consistent provision of flexible services that match client needs on a daily basis. Our services are completed in a timely fashion, and adhere to the core relationship values of honesty, safety, dignity, respect, and kindness.

We have over 15 years in the industry, supplying our services directly to the public and via government-funded programs. Simply put, we have the expertise and skills to ensure that your experience with us is a good one. Our reputation is second-to-none; perhaps in part attributed to the simple concepts of providing service excellence and the responsible commitment to the outcomes for people we support.

High Quality, Cost-effective & Flexible Services

The quality of service we provide has many facets that work together to form solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and meets our clients’ needs.

We are a local company (South Australian owned and operated) and are specialists in what is termed “low care” domestic home support services. We are a “best-of-breed” service company, which means we don’t provide services outside of the entry-level home support, but due to our expertise and quality of service, we are often chosen by clients as part of their choice of suppliers in their higher-level support packages.

We spend the time to understand our clients and their needs to ensure that service delivery is consistent with expectations and standards, and that successful staff to client pairing and rapport is achieved. Even though all our staff are trained in cultural diversity and have an understanding of different needs of the elderly or disabled, we will also match for personality, linguistic and cultural needs. We also run and maintain the latest systems and software to record all client, service and staff information, ensuring a seamless delivery of services.

Whether you are directly funding your domestic support service or being subsidised by Government programs, it is important that the work completed is cost-effective, done right the first time and completed in a timely and efficient manner. Gleam Team’s range of services are cost-effective and able to be adapted to suit your needs and requirements. They are also flexible and responsive; we are able to schedule in services for you, and you can also prioritise services on the day.

Values, Beliefs, Rights, Responsibility

We believe that we all have a right to dignity, respect, privacy, and safety. We train our staff to ensure they understand what these values mean within the context of providing services to, and interacting with, our clients, whether they be elderly, disabled or disadvantaged.

At the heart of our service are the values with which we imbue our staff; reliability, honesty, kindness, friendliness, and genuine caring. Our engaged and skilled staff are also invested in our clients’ needs and wellbeing and in the maintenance of their independence. They are pro-active in maintaining a safe environment and will encourage actions that promote independence in daily living and that can assist in reducing the risk to living safely at home.

We also assist our staff in developing their skills, understanding, communication, and strategies of support for healthy aging, quality of life, and dignity. This includes understanding the impact such illnesses as various types of memory loss or Dementia can have on client behaviours, and how they can address these. Our staff are encouraged to empower and support our clients in an advocacy role where needed.

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