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Our Home Support Services

Sometimes it is not easy to receive support, especially if you have been the one(s) caring for and supporting your family for most of your life, or you have been fiercely maintaining your sense of independence. However, sometimes illness, injury, or the natural process of aging, can make daily homecare chores more challenging, and time-consuming, than they used to be. 

Many of our clients are still able to look after themselves and enjoy living in their own home, but struggle with some domestic chores, due to arthritis, aches, and pains, or other physical difficulties. Some of our clients are also living with other serious illnesses or cognitive impairments, like dementia.

Perhaps you are concerned that a loved one is not as able to safely undertake home duties themselves as they once could, and may benefit from having some extra assistance (and the contact that goes along with it).

A member of the Gleam Team can be suitably partnered with you, to assist with basic domestic tasks, including shopping support, cleaning, and light domestic duties. With your guidance, we can aid with short-term, long-term, transitional (recovering from a recent stay in hospital), or one-off support (if you simply need a helping hand).

We’ll help maintain your home, so you can enjoy your freedom

Keeping your home in a clean, comfortable, and organised condition will help preserve your sense of dignity and help promote ongoing wellness.

If you feel that the domestic duties around the home are becoming a little overwhelming, or difficult to complete on your own, allow us to support you by undertaking some of the more laborious or difficult tasks. We can be an extra pair of hands to maintain your home with as much or as little interaction as you like. Together, we can help maintain your home at the standard you have long enjoyed.

Quality & flexible services

Our quality domestic services are flexible and responsive, ever mindful of adapting to your individual requirements. We understand that your needs change from time to time, and we are happy to accommodate your wishes to ensure you are supported in living safely, independently and comfortably in your home.

Home Spring Cleaning

Maybe it is time for a deeper spring clean? You can rely on the Gleam Team’s elbow grease to get the job done right.

Our Spring Clean service is a heavy duty clean, which is often performed before a Hygiene Clean commences. It often requires two cleaners and can take 3-4 hours. Amongst other items, we can assist with window cleaning (inside and out), high-dusting of all high Surfaces (top of cupboards, Cobwebs, cornices etc.), air Conditioner vents, exhaust fans, light fittings, ceiling fans (dust and damp wipe), and oven cleaning.

Short-Term & Long-Term Basic Hygiene Cleaning

Hygiene cleaning is often a group of periodic services that include sweeping and washing floors, vacuuming carpets, washing and cleaning windows, dusting furniture (and those hard-to-reach spots), and cleaning bathrooms, toilets, and laundry areas.

Other Light domestic duties

We are able to provide assistance with other light domestic duties on a regular basis, such as:

  • changing your bed linen and making beds
  • doing your laundry and hang out the washing
  • folding your clothes and take care of the ironing
  • put out your bins ready for council collection the following day
  • tiding up and organising
  • chop vegetables for dinner
  • pay the bills and manage other administration type jobs
  • or even change a light bulb!

Everything on your shopping list

Getting to the shops may have become a struggle due to, ill health, injury, other physical difficulties, or concerns with safety or driving. Whether it is just shopping for a few items, a bigger weekly undertaking, collecting prescriptions/medications, or purchasing other store items, we can help you put together a list and fulfill it for you. After doing your shopping for you, we can bring it home, and put it away.

If you prefer, and you feel comfortable using current technology, we can help you to set up an online shopping account with your preferred supermarket, so the items will be delivered to your door at a nominated time, ready to be put away by your support staff.

Supporting your needs at Home

With your needs as our focus, we will sit down with you to learn about what you would like us to help you manage, and ensure you feel safe and comfortable with our caring and understanding staff. 

All of our staff are trained, reliable, and will treat you with the kindness, dignity, and respect that you deserve. We also make the utmost effort to match the right staff member with your needs, taking into account linguistic, cultural or personality aspects to ensure you have confidence in the service being provided and have the opportunity to build a rapport with your support person. 

All client information is safely recorded in our extensive database, which details any special needs, emergency contact information, and any staff member that is associated with your support.

Support and Funding

Our services can be provided directly to privately-funded clients and to those receiving assistance through the government Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Our home support services can also be supplied indirectly, via contracts with other aged care support agencies, or via the Government-supported Home Care Package Program (HCPP), which has a mandated focus on “Consumer Directed Care” and provides you with the choice of which aged care and home support service providers are included in your home care package.


Contact us today on 8352 5885 to learn about our full range of domestic assistance services, & how we can assist you or your loved one(s) to continue living independently and confidently at home.

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